Since 1990 employers in the United States have been prohibited from discriminating against employees and potential employees on the basis of disability. However, the high unemployment rate of Americans with disabilities is a clear indication that discrimination, whether intentional or not, is common in America. To make matters worse, the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was intended to reduce discrimination actually helped to make the employment situation worse by creating an environment of fear due to the threat of lawsuits. As a result the employment rate for individuals with disabilities is actually lower than it was in 1990 when the ADA was signed into law. At Reach Your Potential we believe that a lack of information and understanding is the primary reason why many employers are not hiring individuals with disabilities. Therefore, we created a program that helps employers to better understand the ADA and how to make their businesses more accessible to both employees and customers. By improving their accessibility our clients open doors to millions of talented individuals, enabling both the employer and employee to reach their full potential.

Our program is simple. Any business, large or small, that is ready to improve their access to individuals with all types of disabilities can contact us. Our staff will perform an onsite assessment of the business’ physical accessibility based upon the ADA guidelines. Then we will provide a report detailing all of the areas that could be improved to enable full accessibility to all individuals. If the client desires to make the recommended changes we will help with finding the appropriate contractors to perform the work within the client’s budget. Accessibility does not and should not cost a fortune. Take the first step to reaching your company’s full potential by contacting Reach Your Potential USA and requesting an accessibility audit today!